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Gastric Ballon

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Gastric Balloon?

What Is Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon is made of silicone or polyurethane material, placed in the stomach as deflated and then inflated with sterile liquid. It is used for the obesity treatments. Balloon application is not a surgical intervention, but some gastric balloons are placed and removed by endoscopy under anesthesia, depending on the type of balloon.

Gastric balloons stay in the stomach for 4-12 months, depending on their types. With the feeling of satiety during this period, it makes easier for the person to follow his/her diet by limiting food intake. Nutritional style and eating habits change, and after the balloon takes out of the stomach, the person maintains these habits and maintains his ideal weight

What to eat after the operation?

Patient can have small amounts of clear liquids starting about six hours after the procedure. The liquid diet generally continues until the start of the second week, when you can start eating soft foods. You’ll probably be able to start eating regular food around three weeks after the procedure.

Safe foods patients can consume are fish, chicken, meat, egg, limited fruit, tea and linden. Forbidden foods are chocolate, pastry, pies, acidic beverages and fried foods.


Gastric balloon is an obesity treatment method that has been used for a long time, in which 10 to 15% of their weight can be lost in 4-6 months. It can be applied to individuals with a body mass index of 27 and above, between the ages of 18-70, who have not had bariatric surgery before. In addition, gastric balloon is an alternative treatment method for those who do not want to have a surgical operation or have a disease to prevent to get anesthesia (swallowable gastric balloon).

It is very important for patients to maintain their eating habits acquired with gastric balloon in the future. Thus, they will not regain the weight they lost.

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