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We use the best and latest Vaser Liposuction techniques to guarantee you get the best results.


What Is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is the removal of fat from various parts of the body with the help of thin cannulas. Vaser Liposuction can be applied to many parts of the body at the same time. Fat cells are divided into groups with vaser liposuction surgery, which is a highly developed method. Thus, sound waves at the frequency given during the process enable fat to become liquidize without damaging the tissues. This fluid structure, which is liquefied, is drawn through cannulas and collected into special containers.

Fat extracted during surgery can be reused in different parts of the patient’s body. It is especially preferred in breast augmentation and butt lift procedures. Individuals who want to give an aesthetic appearance to their body can have regional shaping with Vaser Liposuction surgery.

Vaser Liposuction can be used to shape the body as well as breast augmentation, shaping the cheekbones, giving a full image to the butt area, and removing fine lines on the face. Vaser Liposuction prices are determined according to the number of procedures that the patient will have during surgery.


What to expect after Vaser Liposuction?

The recovery time on average is about 5-7 days, where you are required to rest and avoid any kind of strenuous activity. During the first few days, there may be some bruising, tenderness, and pain. It’s highly recommended to increase your water intake, during the recovery phase.

Before Vaser Liposuction

Patients must inform the doctor about their general health conditions before Vaser Liposuction. They have to inform the doctor about the medications and vitamins they use. In addition, they should inform the doctor about smoking and alcohol consumption. Furthermore, patients get information about the operation from the doctor. Vaser Liposuction prices are informed and the patient is readied for surgery.

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